Step-by-Step Mushroom Grow Guide
1. Placement:
Find a suitable location for your grow box.
A spot with indirect natural  lighting and good ventilation will help your mushroom kit start forming teeny tiny mushrooms.
(I use my kitchen)
Tips: Use a humidifier or a spray bottle to keep your mushrooms hydrated. Spray 3+ times a day or keep the humidifier nearby for best results.
Common mistakes: Avoid wind and direct sun and they may dry up your mushrooms.
how mushrooms grow
2. Cut the X:
Using a clean and sharp knife, cut an X on the surface of the grow box.
This provides an opening for the mushrooms to emerge. (Do this immediately after purchasing your box for best results)
3.Wait for Mushrooms to Grow:
Allow time for the mushrooms to develop.
(1-21 days) depending on which species you're growing.
4.Hydrate Your Mushrooms:
Maintain proper moisture levels by using a humidifier or a spray bottle. Lightly mist the mushroom surfaces to keep them hydrated. Wait until dry before spraying again.
5.Harvesting at the Right Time: 
It's important to harvest your mushrooms before they can drop spores.
If you let them drop spores, the mycelium will have successfully completed its life task of reproduction and will take a long time to regrow the second flush.
6. Encouraging Second Growth:
After harvesting, place your box in a dark cupboard for 5+- days, then take it back out into a well lit, well ventilated area. The change in environment should help encourage the second flush within a 7-21 day window.
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